Lush for Christmas

The first time I ever spotted a Lush store I was wandering around Glasgow, in 2005. Since then, Lush have become one of my favorite brands of overpriced cosmetics that I can not let go.

My poor dad had no clue about what I want for christmas, so he ask me to go and shop whatever I want ask the staff to wrap it as a present and put it underneath the christmas tree. And so I did.  Unluckily I didn’t find the eau de cologne of Snow Fairy that it was last christmas novelty. I had the solid perfume but is a bit old, so  I wish I had bought the cologne.

Let me show my Lush christmas presents:


Snow Fairy Shower Gel


Fun  in pink (something like a playdough) it smells like candy, and you can used for making bubbles, as a soap even as a shampoo. It’s really fun!


Bubblegum lip scrub (I’ve previously tried mhmmm I think it was called Sorbet? it was a lip scrub with lemonade and cranberries, I totally wanted to eat it while I was using it! the guy at the store told me that Lush lip scrubs are edible, hahaha I’m not the only one I guess)


Space girl bath bomb




and Father Christmas.


I was hard to pick only this items because I looooooove lush so much. The hand cream and lip balm are truly lifesavers in this rough winter days.


On other boring news, I got the January Issue from Nuts in the mail weeks ago, I like Nuts and the presents but come on, the Lip Service brushes are a joke. But the coats spree is very cool to watch. I loved almost everyone  and  the shoes are amazing!


I was planning to buy a Jelly issue, but the things I recent see from Jelly are a bit disappointing, may I should go for a Soul Sister? Even Nuts seemed boring to me, and I used to love Nuts, it was so fierce and cool. Now I don’t know. I know Jelly and other mags have covered the issue of whats going with gal lately?


I think that when this lame period is over, we are going to enjoy amazing hairdos, clothes and styles. Fingers crossed!

See you soon! Let’s hope for the better :*


4 thoughts on “Lush for Christmas

  1. yeeeeey! has actualizado! :D
    adoro lush pero es tan caro… que me duele comprarme siempre algo ahí u_u tengo el exfoliante de labios ese que me encanta el sabor y el color que tiene xD pero no creo que vuelva a comprarlo, porque realmente no noto mucha diferencia al usarlo y vale passhhta xD y tampoco soy una persona con muchas pieles en los labios.
    Lo que si tengo es el cacao Honey Trap y ME CHIFLA INFINITAMENTE, ojalá lo vendiesen en barra porque me da rabia tener que meter todo el dedaco dentro… pero es de los mejores bálsamos que he usado jamás y si que creo que cuando se me acabe volveré a él *_*
    El jabón Snow Fairy lo compré hace dos navidades creo, me gusta mucho pero su olor no se mantenía en el cuerpo nada de nada asi que carita triste :(
    Y las bombas ya sabes mi amor platonico con ellas, me joderé sin poder probarlas hasta el dia que viva en mi propia casa y me ponga una MEGA BAÑERA GIGANTE xD

    • Lush es muy cara! desde que abrieron en Madrid se han ido flipando con los precios, ahora te piden un pastón por cualquier cosa! Tsk, una lástima!

      piscina para bombas de baño!!! vestidor con estampado de leopardo… que más cale!!! queremos saber como será tu casa del futuro! la mía tendrá un super tocador miento, tendré una habitación solo para el maquillaje! jajajaja.
      Mucho tiempor sin actualizar, muy mal por mi parte!

      Ahora quiero escribir más y seguir haciendo reviews jajaja

      Gracias por comentarme siempre, guapizima!


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