About the girl

My name is Deirdre, I’m from Spain, my birthday is on december 4th, now I’m 32 years old- おばあちゃん- _-”

When I started into gyaru, my favorite brands were Cocolulu, Alba Rosa, Cecil Mcbee, Roco Nails, Majorena, Me Jane, Tiara, Rose Fan Fan, Liz Lisa…. My style was about being as many styles as I can. I started collecting eggs, and other magazines, because I was so enthused that I feel like I had to have it all and know everything I can about this tribe.

That was fun. My make up, hair and outfits had nothing to do with real gyaru fashion and style, but it was an starting point. I research the net looking for more information and I discover a lot of websites with real gal pictures, forums discussing topics about japan and gyaru, I was really in love in gyaru. I was always excited to dress up as a japanese school girl, all was very innocent and naive. Walk around with a bunch of friends as school girls, manbas, kigurumis and taking silly pictures… that was an awesome part of my gyaru life. Thank you to the gals who share it with me.

I’ve been in Japan three times, for holidays, studying the language and doing my own research about gyaru culture and Japan. The last time I was there was just for me and my feelings.

I drop off the roco nails school wear, I sold all the clothes that didn’t fit my style, pack the kigurumis  and I quit blogging for a while.

People change, life change and so did I. I went through different experiences, and looking gyaru was the last thing on my mind. I’ve been over working for a few years, and other personal stuff that you don’t need to know.

Now I feel better, and I’ve been blogging since 2003, I can say I miss it. The magazines, the carisma models, the amazing gyaru brands… and there’s other stuff I like and I enjoy, so I think to myself, maybe a fresh start will be fine.

So here I’m back to discuss about gyaru stuff, share pictures, praise brands, show my closet, my style, the things I love the most, and so on.

Disney Tokyo


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