Candy Doll RED Collection

Hi doll faces

I started to write an entry about Ageha, but I got stuck translating a few pages so I’m waiting to finish the translation to publish the post, but meanwhile, maybe I can show you some of the stuff I had recently bought. Maybe a month ago? whatever.

Few weeks ago, maybe earlier, I was looking at the new items on the Candy Doll website, I saw the new *limited* (?)  rose red collection, and I wanted to buy everything, it’s just a blush, a lipstick and a lipgloss, but,  oh so gorgeous.


I tried the blush, and I love it! But I do love blushes, I’ll put a better effort into making the review.


The new  Candy Doll blushes come with a highlighter, but this one come as a duo. The lighter color is called peach pink and the other is rose pink (it is suppposed to be the two favourite blush colors of Tsu~chan and KotaKoti, do you like her? I don’t T_T) let’s move on. I like the new packaging, don’t you? It’s cute, girlish and a bit rococoesque.


The blush are big enough if you only want to use one of the colors, but they blend together very nicely if you decide to wear them two.



About the lipstick and the lip gloss I found this pic on the January issue from Nuts, featuring the new lip colors of Candy Doll.


The lipstick shade is in red, rose red color, and it’s very beautiful. I only had a few red lipsticks, my favorite were two from Dior Addict, but they make me look older or I don’t know, so I stop wearing them and go for corals, pinks and nude shades.  I was thinking to give red lipstick a try again, so this one from Candy Doll was released just in time!


It’s creamy lipstick and the color is very elegant, but it makes me look very pale and serious, is it even possible? Next time I’ll try it with a little bit of bronzer in my face.



The lipgloss is in Ruby Red, it’s red and a little bit sparkly, it reminds me a lot of Framboise from Juicy Tubes by Lancome. But Candy Doll is less sticky, and more reddish.




I didn’t use any filter or photosop these pics because I wanted to show the real colors of the make up the best way I can.

Next time I use the blush or the lipstick on my make up, I’ll try to take some pictures so you can see how does red look on me :)

By the way, do you know if poodle pink lipstick have been discontinued?

Thank you for reading.




Sunday entry


Hello lovelies,

Today I wanted to try several make up products that I got lately on the mail. I’ll do a proper review when I have more time.


Candy Doll Highlighter in marshmallow purple for a dolly effect (w)

Hello Kitty  Ghost BB cream (I’ve been using cometic products of Hello Kitty x Rosette for years  and I’m really pleased with them)

Canmake Marshmallow Touch Brush for Cheek Color Powder Blush (ebay description xD) it’s very cute, comes with a case, and works very well.

Diamond Lash first generation series, Fairy eye. I never bought the first series of Diamond Lash, so I was very curious of try what was hip at  the beginnings of the lash craze. I really like the shape and the quality. The lashes are not very big, it gives to the eye a cute accent.

Majolica Majorca blush Puff the cheek macaron in Raspberry. (it’s the third blush I got form this collection. I love the shades and the packaging)

I washed my face with my new clarisonic brush, and then I applied the make up. I use the photowonder app to take this pics with the front camera, it improves the quality and I feel more pretty or different.


I was still in my pajamas and my bath robe, hahaha.


A close up. I was trying to show how the lashes look xD


Here I was already dressed and there’s not really a reason to show this picture but meh.


I took this picture on the mirror of my roommate I bought this Gyda sweater a few weeks ago and I’m still a bit… undecided, I don’t know if it’s one of the ugliest sweater I have you or if it is not.

Anyway, I don’t know how to wear this sweater, it reminds me of grunge era. So I just wear it with jeans and knigh high boots. In the pictures it looked elegant.

I hope you liked the pictures, and the make up stuff.



Hi it’s me!

I’m sorry that I forgot  to write here for a while.

Perhaps we can catch up if I know how to explain what I’ve been doing with my life lately.

Thanks to my friend Cale, I started a new job on a hospital materials and cosmetic medicine suppliers company.  I’m always working as an OL, even though I majored on Art History in uni. And I started journalism… maybe if I ever settle down I can finish my journalism studies… Anyway, I happy with my new job and I’m learning a lot of stuff.

I was living in a two stories apartment, a duplex? Well, I love that apartment. But it was located on the top of Barcelona the north side of the city, and it was a pain to get there, it was so far away from everything. I had a difficult journey to arrive more or less safe and on time to my workplace.

The neighbourhood is beautiful, I was surrounded by parks,forests,  the beautiful Hospital de Sant Pau, I can even walk down to Sagrada Familia, not that I did,  but anyway it was very difficult to me to walk home and so on. Since I was living at the top of a hill the slopes were killer and I’m not on a great physical condition, and even if my roommate was very nice, I can help feeling lonely and isolated, and my anxiety issues came back.


Here’s a picture of one of my walks around Sagrada Familia, before I regret and get back to my place.

This month, I got the chance to move to a new apartment in a nice and old building, located at the Eixample, it is more convenient because is near everything and not a single slope is on sight, my roommate is a guy from Italy, he is very friendly and he also likes to cook. Yay! I hate cooking,

I hope I will feel less stressed and  less estranged.


Siento haberme olvidado de escribir por aquí tantos días. A lo mejor podemos ponernos al día si consigo explicar que he estado haciendo con mi vida…

Gracias a Mecaxis, he empezado a trabajar en una empresa que distribuye material a Hospitales y también vende cosas de medicina cosmética. No quiero hablar mucho por si me lío, pero creo que esos términos son a lo que se dedican… xD aunque estudié cosas diferentes en la universidad, siempre acabo como office lady xD, en fin alégrate Aimi, porque antes no tenías muchas alternativas.

Estaba viviendo en la zona norte de Barcelona, en un piso de dos plantas, un dúplex? Me encantaba ese piso, además el barrio era muy bonito, había varios colegios, parques, bosques, casas antiguas, el Hospital de Sant Pau, que es una maravilla del modernismo con sus edificios y pabellones y podía ir paseando hasta la sagrada familia, cosa que tampoco hice mucho xD, arriba hay una foto de uno de mis singulares paseos, antes de arrepentirme y volverme a casa xD… pero era muy cansado subir todas aquellas cuestas, sobretodo ahora que los médicos me tienen aburrida con análisis y rollos de salud. Si hubiera estado más fuerte físicamente y moralmente… mi compañero de piso es muy simpático, pero a penas le veía y mis problemas de ansiedad empeoraron no sé porque. Tal vez porque fueron muchas cosas a la vez y me sentía muy extraña y sola. 

Tuve la oportunidad de mudarme a un edificio muy bonito y muy antiguo del ensanche, muy bien ubicado y mucho más conveniente. Mi compañero de piso es un chico de Italia, le gusta mucho cocinar (a mí no me gusta nada cocinar)  y también es muy simpático, sólo espero dejar de sentir tanto estrés y adaptarme mejor a esta nueva etapa de mi vida. 

Let me show you a few pics from my previous neighbourhood:



I was able to see the sea from my street. That means I used to live far far away… xD

Se podía ver el mar desde mi calle, lo que significa que vivía en un país muy muy lejano…








Even though wake up so early was the worst, when I get outside and saw this view, I don’t know it made my mornings.

A pesar de que madrugar tanto para ir a trabajar era una mierda, cuando salía de casa y veía esto, siempre me animaba la mañana.

Now this is what I see from the sitting room:

Ahora esto es lo que veo desde la ventana del salón.



Intentaré postear más, aunque no considere muy interesante lo que vaya haciendo, a lo mejor os gustan las fotos y puedo enseñaros fotos de mis compras y de algún outfit del que me sienta especialmente orgullosa. 

I’ll try to post more stuff, even I don’t find I have interesting stuff to explain, maybe you’ll like the pictures I’m shooting, or you would like to see pictures of my latest gets or of some outfit I feel proud of.

Thank you for reading,