Candy Doll RED Collection

Hi doll faces

I started to write an entry about Ageha, but I got stuck translating a few pages so I’m waiting to finish the translation to publish the post, but meanwhile, maybe I can show you some of the stuff I had recently bought. Maybe a month ago? whatever.

Few weeks ago, maybe earlier, I was looking at the new items on the Candy Doll website, I saw the new *limited* (?)  rose red collection, and I wanted to buy everything, it’s just a blush, a lipstick and a lipgloss, but,  oh so gorgeous.


I tried the blush, and I love it! But I do love blushes, I’ll put a better effort into making the review.


The new  Candy Doll blushes come with a highlighter, but this one come as a duo. The lighter color is called peach pink and the other is rose pink (it is suppposed to be the two favourite blush colors of Tsu~chan and KotaKoti, do you like her? I don’t T_T) let’s move on. I like the new packaging, don’t you? It’s cute, girlish and a bit rococoesque.


The blush are big enough if you only want to use one of the colors, but they blend together very nicely if you decide to wear them two.



About the lipstick and the lip gloss I found this pic on the January issue from Nuts, featuring the new lip colors of Candy Doll.


The lipstick shade is in red, rose red color, and it’s very beautiful. I only had a few red lipsticks, my favorite were two from Dior Addict, but they make me look older or I don’t know, so I stop wearing them and go for corals, pinks and nude shades.  I was thinking to give red lipstick a try again, so this one from Candy Doll was released just in time!


It’s creamy lipstick and the color is very elegant, but it makes me look very pale and serious, is it even possible? Next time I’ll try it with a little bit of bronzer in my face.



The lipgloss is in Ruby Red, it’s red and a little bit sparkly, it reminds me a lot of Framboise from Juicy Tubes by Lancome. But Candy Doll is less sticky, and more reddish.




I didn’t use any filter or photosop these pics because I wanted to show the real colors of the make up the best way I can.

Next time I use the blush or the lipstick on my make up, I’ll try to take some pictures so you can see how does red look on me :)

By the way, do you know if poodle pink lipstick have been discontinued?

Thank you for reading.




Lush for Christmas

The first time I ever spotted a Lush store I was wandering around Glasgow, in 2005. Since then, Lush have become one of my favorite brands of overpriced cosmetics that I can not let go.

My poor dad had no clue about what I want for christmas, so he ask me to go and shop whatever I want ask the staff to wrap it as a present and put it underneath the christmas tree. And so I did.  Unluckily I didn’t find the eau de cologne of Snow Fairy that it was last christmas novelty. I had the solid perfume but is a bit old, so  I wish I had bought the cologne.

Let me show my Lush christmas presents:


Snow Fairy Shower Gel


Fun  in pink (something like a playdough) it smells like candy, and you can used for making bubbles, as a soap even as a shampoo. It’s really fun!


Bubblegum lip scrub (I’ve previously tried mhmmm I think it was called Sorbet? it was a lip scrub with lemonade and cranberries, I totally wanted to eat it while I was using it! the guy at the store told me that Lush lip scrubs are edible, hahaha I’m not the only one I guess)


Space girl bath bomb




and Father Christmas.


I was hard to pick only this items because I looooooove lush so much. The hand cream and lip balm are truly lifesavers in this rough winter days.


On other boring news, I got the January Issue from Nuts in the mail weeks ago, I like Nuts and the presents but come on, the Lip Service brushes are a joke. But the coats spree is very cool to watch. I loved almost everyone  and  the shoes are amazing!


I was planning to buy a Jelly issue, but the things I recent see from Jelly are a bit disappointing, may I should go for a Soul Sister? Even Nuts seemed boring to me, and I used to love Nuts, it was so fierce and cool. Now I don’t know. I know Jelly and other mags have covered the issue of whats going with gal lately?


I think that when this lame period is over, we are going to enjoy amazing hairdos, clothes and styles. Fingers crossed!

See you soon! Let’s hope for the better :*

There’s something about purple fragrances

photo (46)Long time no post! Sorry for the lack of updates :_(

Todo empezó un día, hace ya tres años, (!) mientras estaba con Madness comprando en Yodabashi Camera, no sé lo que la gente suele comprar en las tiendas Yodabashi, yo he comprado un montón de cosas, como revistas, el comic de la ranzuki, lol, rizadores, champús, colonias, tarjetas de memoria, juguetes, auriculares, camaras digitales y cosas del estilo, por lo que yo sé, podrían estar vendiendo cosas chachis como sables láser y monopatines voladores y no haberme dado cuenta.

It all started three years ago, while I was shopping in Yodabashi Camera with my friend Madness, I don’t know what people usually buy in Yodabashi, cool technology maybe,  I had bought a lot of stuff, like curlers, earphones, memory cards, magazines, make up, eau de cologne, digital cameras, toys xD and random stuff like that, maybe they were selling, I don’t know, awesome things, like light sabers or hoverboards and I wouldn’t notice it.

Buscaba un perfume agradable y me enamoré de la versión lila de Tiary Girls. Desde entonces lo gasto como si fuera un perfume super exclusivo que debo usar con sumo cuidado, no obstante ya debo ir por el cuarto frasco. Estoy fatal.

I was looking for a nice scent and I fell in love with the purple version of Tiary Girls. Since then I spray it on like my most valuable perfume, but I already had used 4 bottles.

photo (44)

He comprado otros perfumes, porque Tiary Girls es un rollo encontrarla, pero nada consigue alegrarme tanto como su olor. Estoy pensando en regalar el resto de perfumes, podría hacer un post y de paso que alguien me explique como un frasco carísimo de La petite robe noire de Guerlain no tenga nada que hacer frente al delicioso y refrescante aroma de Tiary Girls que por cierto no llega a 2000 yen. No soy ni la mitad de estupenda de lo que pensaba. Aunque si bastante chunga de contentar xD

I had bought other fragrances, because Tiary Girls it’s difficult to find, but nothing makes me as happy as the fragrance from Tiary Girls. I’m really thinking of give away some of my colognes, maybe I’ll write a post, and somebody can give an explanation about how come an expensive eau de parfume from Guerlain have nothing to do against the refreshing and delicious smell of Tiary Girls, which by the way, costs about 2000 yen or less. Oh c’mon, I thought I was a girl of expensive tastes. Well, at least I’m hard to please.

Mientras intentaba encontrar alguna colonia que me gustase tanto como Tiary Girls, he comprado un poco de todo, algunas me han gustado más o menos, pero las que me han gustado de verdad han sido lilas.

While I was trying to find some eau de parfum to replace Tiary girls just in case, I bought everything I though it could smell nicely, but in fact, the ones I totally like are purple.

Como un spray corporal de Palty, llamado Ashley Wink ;)

Like this body mist form palty, named Ashley Wink ;)

photo (42)

Y este perfume de Lanvin, éclat de l’arpège. Detrás de este perfume hay una historia muy bonita, es una revisitación del célebre L’Arpège, el perfume que diseñó Jeanne Lanvin para el cumpleaños de su hija Marguerite, lo llamó Arpège, como la manera de tocar  acordes en música, igual que las notas se van tocando en una sucesión rápida, lo mismo pasaba con el perfume, los distintos componentes se sucedían unos a otros. Lanvin es una de mis maison preferidas, no porque sea rica en potosíes y tal, pero en Historia de la Moda tenía mucha presencia y yo creo que todas nos hicimos fans secretas hahaha. Estudiar historia de la moda no es un tema tan absurdo, yo por lo menos lo disfruté un montón , ahora puedo mirar mal las películas de época y señalar los anacronismos, como si supiera de lo que hablo. LOL

and this eau de parfum from Lanvin, éclat de l’arpège. There’s a beautiful story behind this fragrance, the story tells that Jeanne Lanvin create this perfume for her daughter Marguerite 13 birthday, who was really into music, the perfume was named after a music technique, arpeggio, because the notes of the perfume were also noticed in a sequence. Lanvin is one of my favourites maisons, not because I’m so rich that I have everything, but I studied History of Clothing and Lanvin was mentioned a lot, I think we all becane secret fans of Lanvin hahahaha. History of clothing is not a silly topic as you may think. I enjoyed a lot the subject, now and then, I can watch period films and point out the anachronisms, like if I have a PhD in Fashion or whatever.

photo (45)
Lo único que he descubierto que tienen en común estas fragancias es que son las llamadas floral fruity o juicy floral. Lo del color se me escapa. xD

The only thing I figured out these fragrances have in common is that they are the floral fruity or juicy floral type. And about the color, I think that’s beyond me.

Cuando tenía 19 años recién cumplidos, estaba obsesionada con G de Giorgio Beverly Hills, como habréis adivinado, también es lila.

When I was 19 y.o I was totally obsessed with G by Giorgio Beverly Hills, you guessed right, it was purple as well.