Candy Doll RED Collection

Hi doll faces

I started to write an entry about Ageha, but I got stuck translating a few pages so I’m waiting to finish the translation to publish the post, but meanwhile, maybe I can show you some of the stuff I had recently bought. Maybe a month ago? whatever.

Few weeks ago, maybe earlier, I was looking at the new items on the Candy Doll website, I saw the new *limited* (?)  rose red collection, and I wanted to buy everything, it’s just a blush, a lipstick and a lipgloss, but,  oh so gorgeous.


I tried the blush, and I love it! But I do love blushes, I’ll put a better effort into making the review.


The new  Candy Doll blushes come with a highlighter, but this one come as a duo. The lighter color is called peach pink and the other is rose pink (it is suppposed to be the two favourite blush colors of Tsu~chan and KotaKoti, do you like her? I don’t T_T) let’s move on. I like the new packaging, don’t you? It’s cute, girlish and a bit rococoesque.


The blush are big enough if you only want to use one of the colors, but they blend together very nicely if you decide to wear them two.



About the lipstick and the lip gloss I found this pic on the January issue from Nuts, featuring the new lip colors of Candy Doll.


The lipstick shade is in red, rose red color, and it’s very beautiful. I only had a few red lipsticks, my favorite were two from Dior Addict, but they make me look older or I don’t know, so I stop wearing them and go for corals, pinks and nude shades.  I was thinking to give red lipstick a try again, so this one from Candy Doll was released just in time!


It’s creamy lipstick and the color is very elegant, but it makes me look very pale and serious, is it even possible? Next time I’ll try it with a little bit of bronzer in my face.



The lipgloss is in Ruby Red, it’s red and a little bit sparkly, it reminds me a lot of Framboise from Juicy Tubes by Lancome. But Candy Doll is less sticky, and more reddish.




I didn’t use any filter or photosop these pics because I wanted to show the real colors of the make up the best way I can.

Next time I use the blush or the lipstick on my make up, I’ll try to take some pictures so you can see how does red look on me :)

By the way, do you know if poodle pink lipstick have been discontinued?

Thank you for reading.




Blush collection

Creo que los coloretes son mi producto favorito de maquillaje, me flipan más que las sombras y eso que tengo sombras de todos los colores y junto con los pintalabios eran my ruina y mi capricho, pero entonces comencé a idolatrar SJP en  Sexo en Nueva York y pasé de despreciar los coloretes a interesarme gradualmente hasta el punto que veis en la foto y hace poco compré otro más de majolica majorca, puff the cheek peach macaron. Tenéis que ver la cajita, es irresisitible.

I think blushes are my favourite make up product, I like them even more than shadows still loving eyeshadows, but I just to have eyeshadows of every color, and now I’am all for nudes and greys. Same with lipsticks, they used to be my obsession before I started to idolize SJP in “Sex and the city” and I became more interested in blush shades to the point you see in the picture. And lately I purchased a puff de cheek peach macaron, from Majolica Majorca, it’s lovely!

blush collection

De arriba abajo y de izquierda a derecha

From top to bottom and from left to right

  1. Melliesh cheek color n1 Elegant Rose
  2. Meliesh cheek color n4 Sunset Orange
  3. Melliesh cheek color n5 Small face brown
  4. Chanel Joues contraste n45 Poésie (once my beloved friend Criztinita told me that I should wear always this blush, such a sweetheart)
  5. Candy Doll Carrot Orange
  6. Candy Doll Strawberry Pink
  7. Candy Doll Peach Pink
  8. Candy Doll Pink Flamingo
  9. Canmake Cheek Gradation n2 orange stripe (blush and higlighter)
  10. Deliplus n1 Pink
  11. Diamond Blush n6 Rose Pink
  12. Diamond Blush n8 Juicy Orange
  13. Diamond Blush n7 Sweet Peach
  14. La Pensée multicolor face n2
  15. La Pensée multicheek n1

The last two blushes are from 100 ¥ stores, La Pensée multicolor face was my 2011 love, I can’t replace it, so I stop using it, but looks so nice.

Today I’m wearing the Chanel one, shade 45 Poésie.

Hoy llevo el de Chanel, color 45 Poésie

chanel poesie

You make me blush ~

Me he sacado las fotos con la camara frontal del iPhone y son un poco meh, así que les he pasado el filtro de belleza (el más light) del PhotoWonder. A la de arriba le he tenido que poner un filtro que he encontrado casualmente en Diptic porque se veía muy azul. No tengo la cara tan gaussiana, pero tampoco la tengo con sombras y ruido como las fotos del iPhone! Jo! No llevo ni pestañas ni lentillas, porque tengo que conducir esta tarde durante bastante rato y es un poco incómodo ir con toda la artillería, además llueve así, que nada. :P

I took the pictures with the front camera of my iPhone and they turned ugly, so I used the level two of beauty in PhotoWonder. The first one hab a kind of bluish shade, so I put on a filter I found on Diptic. My face it’s not so blurred, but I also look better than the crappy pics of iPhone! Sigh. I’m not wearing fake eyelashes or circle lenses, because I have to drive for an hour or so, plus it’s raining and I don’t want nothing uncomfortable near my eyes. :P

See you lovelies xoxo