Lush for Christmas

The first time I ever spotted a Lush store I was wandering around Glasgow, in 2005. Since then, Lush have become one of my favorite brands of overpriced cosmetics that I can not let go.

My poor dad had no clue about what I want for christmas, so he ask me to go and shop whatever I want ask the staff to wrap it as a present and put it underneath the christmas tree. And so I did.  Unluckily I didn’t find the eau de cologne of Snow Fairy that it was last christmas novelty. I had the solid perfume but is a bit old, so  I wish I had bought the cologne.

Let me show my Lush christmas presents:


Snow Fairy Shower Gel


Fun  in pink (something like a playdough) it smells like candy, and you can used for making bubbles, as a soap even as a shampoo. It’s really fun!


Bubblegum lip scrub (I’ve previously tried mhmmm I think it was called Sorbet? it was a lip scrub with lemonade and cranberries, I totally wanted to eat it while I was using it! the guy at the store told me that Lush lip scrubs are edible, hahaha I’m not the only one I guess)


Space girl bath bomb




and Father Christmas.


I was hard to pick only this items because I looooooove lush so much. The hand cream and lip balm are truly lifesavers in this rough winter days.


On other boring news, I got the January Issue from Nuts in the mail weeks ago, I like Nuts and the presents but come on, the Lip Service brushes are a joke. But the coats spree is very cool to watch. I loved almost everyone  and  the shoes are amazing!


I was planning to buy a Jelly issue, but the things I recent see from Jelly are a bit disappointing, may I should go for a Soul Sister? Even Nuts seemed boring to me, and I used to love Nuts, it was so fierce and cool. Now I don’t know. I know Jelly and other mags have covered the issue of whats going with gal lately?


I think that when this lame period is over, we are going to enjoy amazing hairdos, clothes and styles. Fingers crossed!

See you soon! Let’s hope for the better :*


Fairy drops, Jouétie and Me

Hola, feliz viernes!

¿Cómo estáis, monísimas? Hoy estoy un poco preocupada porque ahora tengo que ir al médico y hablar de mi tratamiento. No se si llevarme un peluche del pollo a escondidas en el bolso para cogerle de la alita y mantenerme firme.

Hi, happy friday!

How you doing, lovelies? I’m a bit worried today, I have a doctor’s appointment and talk about my meds, maybe I’ll sneak a kiroiitori plushie inside my bag, grab his small wing and feel stronger

Alguna vez, seguro que si xD, habéis visto o leído acerca de las máscaras de pestañas, de Fairy Drops, son super bonitas y bastante famosas, mientras buscaba nuevas mascaras, porque tengo la de de rock on y la de Dolly Wink ya en las últimas, así que busqué reviews de Fairy Drops y me puse a buscar,  encontré  uno de sus  packs de BB cream candy bar de color light ochre, bastante claro para mi tono de piel, polvos minerales de vainilla y una máscara para añadir volumen a las pestañas y lo ví perfecto precioso y barato! 26 euros todo el conjunto :D

Have you ever read or saw any of this cute fairy drops mascaras? I’m sure you have, they are super cute and a bit known, I was searching new mascaras because I almost run out of  my Dolly Wink volume  and the rock on mascaras, so while I was deciding between majolica majorca and Fairy Drops, I saw a set of their bb cream candy bar in light ochre shade, not as dark as their ochre shade, vanilla mineral powder and volume burst for 26 €, and I bought it right away.

Lo he usado sobre la cara, sin más, la crema viene con una esponja incorporada, o sea que al principio ha sido un lío aplicarlo, pero puedes prescindir de las esponja y usar la beauty blender, luego me he dado cuenta, jajaja, pero lo importante es que el color es muy bonito y cubre perfectamente los poros y cualquier imperfección. Luego he usado los polvos, que también vienen con borla, pero esta vez he conseguido ponerlos sobre una tapita de plástico y aplicarlos con una brocha, y me he quedado impresionada! Funcionan muy bien! Y huelen a vainilla, incluso aunque ya leves un rato con ellos puesto te viene el olor y es muy agradable. Y finalmente la máscara de pestañas. Al principio me he quedado un poco, meh. Porque tienes que aplicarte varias capas para que las pestañas queden separadas y con arte para que no se formen grumos, en la tercera capa estaba ya contenta y se seca rápido, así no te pringas el ojo si parpadeas sin querer.

I applied the BB cream over my bare face, no cream, no powder, just to tried and I was amazed! It comes with an sponge so at first I found it a little bit messy, but then I figured out how to apply it, hahaha, then I saw that you can just use the cream without its sponge and put it on with a beauty blender. More convenient I think. My skin looked nice and flawless. Then I applied the powder with a brush, but it also comes with a puff, I still using a brush. Maybe someday I’ll try the combo, but anyway my skin was glowing and beautiful, and it smells sweet like vanilla, I felt impressed, but not with the volume burst mascara, I was like meh, why is everybody so excited about this? I difficult to apply at first and it was clumsy, but after three layers I kinda liked. It dries quickly, so you don’t stain your eye make up if you accidentally blink.


I got a new knit cap from Jouétie! I like red I want to wear it a lot. At the other side it says : New Wave, but whatever.  As always, I took the picture with the front camera of my iPhone so it was very ugly, I applied the level 2 auto beauty photo wonder app k fine. And my face looks blurred and my eyes are usually blue greenish colored, but not in this picture.

image (2)

Somehow I fix again my Nikon camera, so soon I’ll be taking beautiful pics! Or maybe not.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies,