Sunday entry


Hello lovelies,

Today I wanted to try several make up products that I got lately on the mail. I’ll do a proper review when I have more time.


Candy Doll Highlighter in marshmallow purple for a dolly effect (w)

Hello Kitty  Ghost BB cream (I’ve been using cometic products of Hello Kitty x Rosette for years  and I’m really pleased with them)

Canmake Marshmallow Touch Brush for Cheek Color Powder Blush (ebay description xD) it’s very cute, comes with a case, and works very well.

Diamond Lash first generation series, Fairy eye. I never bought the first series of Diamond Lash, so I was very curious of try what was hip at  the beginnings of the lash craze. I really like the shape and the quality. The lashes are not very big, it gives to the eye a cute accent.

Majolica Majorca blush Puff the cheek macaron in Raspberry. (it’s the third blush I got form this collection. I love the shades and the packaging)

I washed my face with my new clarisonic brush, and then I applied the make up. I use the photowonder app to take this pics with the front camera, it improves the quality and I feel more pretty or different.


I was still in my pajamas and my bath robe, hahaha.


A close up. I was trying to show how the lashes look xD


Here I was already dressed and there’s not really a reason to show this picture but meh.


I took this picture on the mirror of my roommate I bought this Gyda sweater a few weeks ago and I’m still a bit… undecided, I don’t know if it’s one of the ugliest sweater I have you or if it is not.

Anyway, I don’t know how to wear this sweater, it reminds me of grunge era. So I just wear it with jeans and knigh high boots. In the pictures it looked elegant.

I hope you liked the pictures, and the make up stuff.




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Hola a todas

Hi there!

El año pasado comencé a notar que estaban de moda los gorros discretos y algo aplastados, el llamado gorro madaleno, según Cale y su novio  a mí no me gustaban nada, así que busqué un par de gorros de punto con pompón. Este año, los veía frecuentemente en outfits de modelos más adultas y pensé, a lo mejor los típicos gorros de pompón, son algo infantiles y no se llevan mucho, así que después de ver a Momoko Ogihara llevando dichos gorros con mucho estilo y dignidad, compré uno de Gyda en Rakuten. Aunque un día Cale y yo nos probamos esos gorros en las tiendas de portal del angel, y casi me da algo, me quedaba feísimo!!! Por suerte llegó el gorro y me encantó como quedaba! Yay!

Last year I noticed that discreet and puffy knit hats, where a must in gyaru fashion, I didn’t like the at that time, so I purchase a couple of bon-bon knit hats. This year I saw many adult models wear them and I thought to myself: “maybe the kind oh knit hats I used to like are pretty childish and not even in fashion, so after seeing thousand pics of Momoko Ogihara wearing those hats, so stylish and cool as ever, I ordered one from Gyda in Rakuten. Few days later, Cal and I were shopping, and we those hats and I look ridiculous! I was really worried, but I received the knit hat and I like how it fits! Yay!

photo (20)

Me gustó tanto, que decidir empezar a incluirlo en mis conjuntos. De hecho hoy he creado un outfit dedicado al gorro! hahahaha

I like it so much, that I decided to start wearing with my outfits. Today I even put an outfit together just for the hat! hahahaha


  • Hat: Gyda
  • Long sleeve tee: Glad News (nice purchase, I’m always lacking of cool winter clothe :P)
  • short jeans: Mango
  • Shoes: Litas, by Jeffrey Campbell
  • Chocker: I get it in a random store, a lot of years ago. I read in some blog that chokers were a main thing in accessories so I give it a try.

Now how everything look on me :$

photo (10)

photo (11)

photo (12)

photo (13)

photo (14)

photo (15)

photo (17)

photo (19)

No sé si el maquillaje está bien, o no. Quería probar el maquillaje más natural, así que llevo unas pestañas muy sencillas, no recuerdo cuales, porque las he rescatado de una caja de cocolulu para guardar pestañitas, después al quitármelas e intentar limpiar el pegamento, se me han desintegrado. Es la primera vez que me pasa!!! D: Tampoco me sentía bien, y entre el frío, el aire y que yo no estaba muy de humor para las fotos… La verdad es que se me ve muy pálida :/ la próxima vez me armaré con colorete y bronzer. Las sombras son unas marrones y naranjas de canmake que te aplicas con el dedo, me flipan.

I don’t know if the make up is ok or not. I wanted to go for a more natural look, so I’m wearing a more simple eyelashes, I don’t remember wich one, because I found them on my Cocolulu eyelashes box, after I take them out, and I try to clean the glue the eyelashes disintegrated. It’s the first time something like this happen to me. D: I also wasn’t feeling great, the weather was cold and windy, and I didn’t want to take more pictures because I look very pale, and I don’t like it. :/ Next time I will cover my face with bronzers and blushes haha. The eyeshadow I used are in brown and orange, by canmake, you can apply them with your finger, but I’d rather use brushes haha.

Hoy he probado la prebase de pore putty , que no está mal, pero creo que he probado mejores primers :s y como no podía encontrar el pegamento de Luminous change he usado este de D.U.P de color negro, está muy bien, se pega rapido, casi no tienes que andar retocando la pestaña y dura mucho puesto, pero tengo la sensación que el de Luminous change era más suave con las pestañas.

Today I tried the pore putty makeup base, and it’s ok, but I had use better bases :s and I can’t find my luminous change glue, I started the D.U.P glue in black, I kinda like it, it work very quickly and lasts longer, but Luminous change is  gentle to your lashes!

new make up

Well I hope you like my coord and if you have any suggestions about primers or make up base, I’ll be glad to try them!

Espero que os guste mi modelón, gorro madaleno incluído y si tenéis alguna sugerencia en cuanto a primers y prebases, espero que me lo comentéis.  por favor :)

good night lovelies!